13-Mar-2017 Monday – Morning

First run very glitchy. Decided to reset drone. After that very much smoother. 

Banked turn was going to hit hedge so tried to pull out but it dropped as usual and hit the hedge. Little or no apparent prop/shaft damage. 

Need a method of pulling out from that sort of collision as the drop is the problem. Either just go for it or try to ruse and possibly turn in more sharply. 

Want to get an MFi controller. 


20170312 Sun – Old Recycling Plant

Roamed at the old recycling centre. First run very very glitchy. Stopped and disconnected battery. 
May be caused by big crash yesterday. 

Second run: Large gaps in video but responsive. Googled this – might be loose connections. 


  • Good sweeps
  • Landed near car 

Wanted to roam on the way home at sunset but no time. 

Potential sites:

  • Old L&K would be a good place. 
  • Also canals near pyewipe at sunset


  • AR 2.0
  • No wind

20170310 Fri – Bad Crash

Bad crash. Flew too near tree and had cut out and c.8m fall onto ground. 3 prop shafts bent. Straightened with pliers. 

Accidentally swapped black props (didn’t realise they are clockwise and anti-clockwise) so it wouldn’t take off. Ordered new props (well, they’ll come in handy). 

Got it flying on Sat ok but looks like one white prop is at an angle to the others. Also gently turns anti-clockwise.