31-Mar-2017 Fri – issues…

Glitchy after yesterday’s crash so did a reset. Better. 

Memory stick not detected but the previous one of the same design was (but was full). Maybe crash has affected electronics. 

Worse: video link very temperamental. 

Thinking about a second battery. 


30-Mar-2017 Thu – a big crash

Bit frustrating – forgot drone this morning. Tried to fly in the evening before dusk but it was raining slightly. Accidentally dropped it on the grass and it reacted: it shot up into the branches of the tree near L’s bedroom and plummeted. 3 prop shafts. Also discovered that bearings are worn – one white prop wobbles a lot to the touch but doesn’t seem too bad in flight. 

22-Mar-17 Weds – new location and tree crash

Tried the place one field down on my way to the station. Windy but not very windy. But it took the drone and it headed for the trees. Tried everything to control it, including camera and line of sight and hard over on the controls but no response. After restart the electrics were on the fritz so maybe it had become unresponsive. 

Used a long branch to get it down and then checked rotors. I was bloody lucky to get it back. 3ft higher and it would be staying there. Don’t think the camera was on at the time so I won’t have any more information on this. 

16-Mar-2017 Thu – windy and sinking feeling

Flying at the place on the way to the train. 

… no, not water, just a peculiar loss of altitude. Too windy to fly high so it basically just dropped during and after a turn. 2 prop shafts a little bent but still flyable. Will need attention tonight. 

Flew again but gave up and struggled to even land safely. 

Forgot to mention: can fit the GoPro on the bottom quite easily. Basic attachment w/GoPro is around 120gm; extension makes it 160gm. Not sure if it’ll lift that payload. Should do. 

14-Mar-2017 Tuesday – glitchy

Light wind. Morning flight. Bloody glitchy again even after yesterday’s success after reset. Looks like I might face a wiring problem after all. 

Power cycle. Glitches went away. Annoyingly temperamental. 

Tried a long run – got about 8 seconds in a straight line. A slower forward speed and starting further away from me should mean double that is possible. 

Flew at sunset but it was a disaster – too windy and dark. Ended up walking through a squelchy ploughed field to retrieve it. 

Looking into a GoPro attachment. I’ve got the bits.  Mounting it backwards might be ideal. Then I’ve got forward and reverse cameras. 

Need to find a storage location for footage. Poss NAS device?