2017-04-22 Sat – Houses near Haddington, POI fail

This is actually my first post since getting the Mavic. I’ve been to Spain with it, and filmed about 20 times so far. Drone diaries has suffered because I’ve had so much else to do. 

Today I flew over some houses near Headington. Pretty good shots. I also tried to use point of interest. I hadn’t read up about it, so I didn’t realise that you set the start point by hovering over the object you want to treat as the point of interest. It’s all very logical really.

I’ve also learned that you can use the Photos software in Windows 10 to quickly trim video. This will be useful as video editors tend to take a long time to load the clips for the first time.

06-Mar-2017 Thu – New bits and a MAVIC SMS

Yes, the text arrived. And an email apparently (but I’m crap with email). The mavic is in!

New bearings arrived for the AR 2.0. When I got the old ones off I couldn’t believe how basic they were. Literally rings of bronze. The new ones don’t look like they’ll keep the muck out and I had to file the cheapo prop shafts to get the bottom bearing on 3 of them. 

01-Apr-2017 Sat – big crash

Changed the tilt to 5% for better fed/raise shot of house. All good until tried to fly over house front to back. Inexplicably started going backwards towards house. Hit and plummeted 5m onto stone flags. Broke 1 foot off. Bad twist on 1 prop. 
Glue and pliers. Hard reset. Seems okay now. 

Finally got a memory stick that works. Not small but not heavy. Saving to GD01.